We SME Safety and security LLP. is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Quality Approved Range of Beam Detector.

Offered Beam Detector is quick and easy to set up with the visual signal strength indication, simply adjust until angle.

This Beam Detector is suitable for atriums, warehouses, shopping Centers & Airport Terminals.

The Green LED will Flash Faster or slower depending on the signal strength, simply adjust until the Green LED is fully lit, Replace the cover.



  • Unit the emitter and the receiver as one. In that case, it has advantages of easy and convenient installation as we as wonderful collimation for the optical path
  • Automatic calibration to make sure one person can debug the device easily
  • Self-testing function to monitor the internal fault of the detector
  • Automatic compensation for the factors of the receiving signals to avoid the influence of dust pollution, positional deviation and aging of transmitter tubes
  • The detector is designed for optical path, strong anti-jamming capability, seal design, and reliable anti-corrosion and waterproof
  • 4 reflectors for 100-meter smoke detection


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